The Amazing New Q-Holed

THE AMAZING NEW Q-HOLED Made from 100% Spammer/Marketer

See below after reading for a pic!

You are one of potential buyers!


I have invented the "Q-Holed", a cheap, easy, and portable way to keep your cue safe. It is readily available to you for FREE! Just take this inventor (the marketer/SPAMMER), and hunt him down. Now, here's what you do to make your VERY OWN "Q-Holed"!

The thing about the "Cue-Holed" is that there are additional compartments, which are SIMPLY NOT AVAILABLE with the inferior "Q-Stow". These features include storage space for chalk, cue gloves, and tip-tappers. If there is not enough room, we include hooked bags for you to attach to your device! Heck, the "Q-Holed" even has two "extensions" that will hold up to two beverages!

-----*****------==== "BUTT" THAT'S NOT ALL!====------*****-----

The most AMAZING thing about the "Q-Holed" is that it is PORTABLE. You may not think that is so special, because the "Q-Stow", our inferior competition, is as well. The UNIQUE thing about THIS portablility is that it is SELF-PORTABLE, and has VOICE RECOGNITION. You can actually TELL the device where to go, and it will MOVE BY ITS SELF! In fact, it can even take your cue and place it in "storage" on command! ---WOW!!!---

Here are some of the voice-commands you can give your "Q-Holed"!

So, buy your new "Q-Holed" TODAY! Supply is horribly limited to ONE, so hurry before your device "walks away"!! It's FREE!


The new Q-Holed (Cue-Holed), is a great way to get revenge, and in addition, a great new cue holder which will protect your cues! WOW! AND IT'S FREE!

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WHO AM I?? WHAT RSBER? Not Smorgass Bored or Ray from PR... but who?



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