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In this piece of FLAME'S PLACE, I will write some sort of "diary", in entries, when I do something psycho.

Monday, Feb 03, 1997

Today, I called a girl named Tara that one of my friend likes. I kept on asking her for her E-mail address, and calling back. Finally, she said sassily "If you'd stop calling it would be GREAT." and hung up on me. I called again later. It was funny.

Monday, Feb 05, 1997

Today my friend and I were being cool and were fooling around. We were splitting grapes and burning them in the microwave. I'll give you the instructions....#1 cut the grape almost in half, but leave a tiny bit of "skin" between them (Leave them together a bit).

#2. Put them round-side-up on a glass plate. Make sure it is dry, and make sure the two grape-halves are still connected, or touching. Make em look like boobs. ( .Y. )

#3.Place them in the microwave for 30 seconds on hi. RESULTS: They fizz a little, but then make an electrical spark, about an inch high. THIS DOES NOT HURT THE MICROWAVE! Make sure you can hear them. Remember ... I'm a PYRO!

March 13, 1997

This summer my friend and I are going to make a movie with explosives and gun powder. Its about this guy walking and has to walk through a mine field to get where he wants to go. We planned our own mines called GROUNDHOG 100s. Let me explain.

Gather GUN POWDER, SALT PETER and a rocket engnighter for the fuse. Then get a rocket switch of some kind and place all of this in some kind of package so it will stay together. Place all of this equipment in a hole in the ground and push the button on your rocket switch.

August 13, 1997

We made the movie today. We just didn't follow the plan is all. We took fire fountains and firecrackers and a home made high temp fire fountain and a plastic moose and a cardbord box and did it. Covered the box with leves and put the moose on a rod so my friend could control it. Then we built the fire fountains into the box so they didnt stick up. First we put a firecracker under the moose. It blew up. It was supposed to be hit by a gun. It looked real. Next it got up and went over to the pro-fountain. It was covered in sparks and got melted a little tiny bit. Then it got up and went to the fire fountain my friend made with stuff and in a metal container. It got torched, and the fire fountain kept on torching it for a whole minute. The thing wouldn't stop. The moose's antlers were on fire and it didn;t look like a moose no more. Then my friend got hairspray and lit it and the box. It was cool. We still got the tape.

October 10, 1997

We were at this neigbhborhood bonfire and my friend made this powder that when lit it burns real bright red. There was like 20 people sittin around the fire and watchin it, an my friend put a spoonful in a napkin. He was too chicken to throw it in there himself even though lots of people throw napkins in the fire. I guess he knew it would go off quick and people would know he did it. Anyway when nobody was lookin I threw it in there and it just sat there. We were like WHENS I GONNA GO! The napkin started burnin and then WOOOOSH this big red fire came from the side of the fire. People kinda said "What was that?". It was cool. Later we did more and bigger ones and one landed right on the top of the fire and everyone saw it go woosh. Later some people found out it was us and wanted us to do a bigger one so my friend got a big bag of it and threw it in there. Everyone wondered how he did it.

Later that night my friend wanted to do something scary but legal. He got a rocket engine and made it into a rocket with some paper, and then put spinner fireworks in the end. We lit it by the bonfire in the dark in the middle of the neighborhood in front of everyone. It went nice but then the fins messed up and it was wiggling all over the sky. Then it started flying at a neighbors house and my friend was like NOOOOO. It then went BOOM and a green fireball went shooting at the house. Nothing hit the house. It was psycho and cool. My friend never does much legal stuff.